About the Company

QUBIS or Quality Business Intelligence Systems is a consultancy, focusing on delivering on-demand services and products. We understand that technology facilitates your business and is not the dictator of how your business should operate. Therefore before suggesting a solution, we would consider your entire business model as well as your technical environment. In those edge cases where it is needed, our setup allows us to offer you round-the-clock services. We guarantee delivery on time, so your staff can focus on what they do best.



Why hire a QUBIS consultant?


It should be clear that the value delivered by a consultant exceeds what a contractor can offer. Consultants would bring a fresh perspective on your challenges and help you get past the finish line. QUBIS consultants understand that the line between your requirements for consultants and contractors is thin, therefore we are happy to act as both based on the circumstances. We will not insist on resource intensive changes, when a "quick fix" is sufficient. At the same time, we will assess the situation and give you what we believe can be done in an ideal world and what we can do to fit the scope in the time and budget allocated. Although we do not do magic, we will add the QUBIS magic touch to the services we provide.



Why Hire a consultant (or contractor)?

  • resourcing shortage
  • require success at a specific initiative (most consultancies aim at these clients)


    A good Consultant

  • has a speciality and overall breadth of knowledge (sees the big picture)
  • make themselves redundant ASAP (do the job well and quick)
  • conducts knowledge transfer (documentation, training)
  • has honesty and integrity
  • delivers higher (value) quality in less time
  • understands the environment
  • identified broad issues
  • isolates specific issues
  • gets a realistic view of where things are and what is need
  • quickly assesses situation, identifying several solutions (creative & viable)
  • lays down clear risks & benefits to client and recommends best solution to fit

    Value added of Consultancy (team)

  • Wide experience and exposure
  • More creativity
  • wider offered solution wingspan
  • should be able to manage end to end project (beyond design & development)

    Watch out for:

  • bait & switch (talking to a senior then getting a junior)
  • CV vs real life behaviour
  • Recommend what consultants know or want to sell
  • Recommendations impossible or do not meet real business needs
  • cannot deliver end to end solution

    What you need to hire?

  • understain main hiring criteria
  • minimise cost or budget
  • deadline or time constraints
  • scope (functionality / technology / product)





    We are always on the lookout for good people. Please do get in touch at info@qub.is.