QUBIS or Quality Business Intelligence Systems is a consultancy, focusing on delivering on-demand services and products. We understand that technology facilitates your business and is not the dictator of how your business should operate. Therefore before suggesting a solution, we would consider your entire business model as well as your technical environment. In those edge cases where it is needed, our setup allows us to offer you round-the-clock services. We guarantee delivery on time, so your staff can focus on what they do best.




BI & Data Manipulation

Data should be one of the core parts of your business. Keeping your data clean, well arranged and making it transparent to your staff can be the decider of whether your business sinks or swims. In addition applying business analytics to your data, with the help of external data set enrichment, can give you competitive advantage such as the ability to tangibly forecast market trends, discover "blue oceans" based on past consumer behaviour and detect business risks early.



Visualisation of your data enables your business to pick up trends and analyse potential issues. Depending on your current set of technologies, we will recommend and implement  the tools that best suit your needs.
Reporting is important to keep an eye on KPIs and to ensure your business remains compliant. When your front-end applications lack the capability of delivering the insight into your data that is needed, reports can be a good alternative delivered at a reasonable time and cost.



Reporting is important to keep an eye on KPIs and to ensure your business remains compliant. When your front-end applications lack the capability of delivering the insight into your data that is needed, reports can be a good alternative delivered at a reasonable time and cost.



Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) is the processing required to facilitate reporting, analytics or integration data management. The range of uses for such process is wide and the ETL setup can vary in complexity. In general, if you want to improve your Reporting or Analytics performance, or bring together data from different sources, ETL is one of the ways forward.


Data Migration

Usually a complex project, Data Migration is necessary when moving from one setup to another. Depending on the differences in the structures of the source and destination data sets, the domain knowledge extensibility of the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) within your business, the quality of your source data, the size of your source set, and your error acceptance rate, the process can take from days to months.


Data Cleansing

Usually part of the Data Migration set of tasks, but also performed as a separate project, Data Cleansing improves the quality of your data, which reduces your data warehousing costs, speeds up your processing, and minimises the likelihood of your business making wrong decisions based on inaccurate data.


Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing is the setup of your data that integrates several data sources and may include additional processing to facilitate Analytics, Reporting or Transactional database activities. The DW architecture can include any or all of the other BI & Data Manipulation services.




System and Process

To ensure you are utilising all the information available within your business, without the large overheads related to manual data set extraction, conversion and collation, it could be beneficial to consider integration of your systems and automation of manual processes. Additionally, if timing is important to you and your customers, keeping an eye on processing through monitoring and alerts in combination with optimising the existing processing can give you significant competitive and cost saving benefits.


System Integration

Integrating multiple independent systems can increase the efficiency of your business significantly, on top of operational cost gains and reduction of issues relating to using stale, unsynchronised data. The integration can happen on one or more layers, namely Service Oriented or Data Warehouse integration.


Process Automation

Manual processes make business sense while their occurrence is infrequent and operational costs are low. Once these circumstances change, it is time to consider automation. Automation solutions can take many different forms. The best solution would depend on the circumstances and your business needs.


Monitoring & Alerts

System downtime or Processing failure that causes business losses should be monitored and alerts to stakeholders sent if risks appear. Having a monitoring setup in place can prevent your business from the consequences of such downtime or failures, at the same time reduce operational costs linked to unnecessary human resource spending.


Performance Tuning

Instead of expanding computational resources, it may pay off to consider improving your existing systems and processes. Keeping on top of new features in your existing technology set, in addition to hardware and architectural trends, can significantly reduce processing times and the need for extended processing capacity. Performance tuning your system’s code and a move to cloud based pay-as-you-go architecture, can yield significant operational costs.


System Healthcheck

Understanding the state of your systems is important for preventative and improvement purposes. As technologies evolve constantly, it is easy to get caught out and fall behind the competition or incur unnecessary regulatory fines. Minimising the risk that arises from your IT systems should be an integral part of your business operations. Understanding how your business competes in the market should also include your IT system state.


System Development (C# / Java)

Whether your business is developing a new system, enhancing an existing software or requires development to complement system integration or ETL processing, we can offer you development services. We specialise in C# and Java, in addition we can organise help in other programming languages.




Emergency Delivery

In the unlikely situation when you have an emergency system delivery situation, either to meet regulatory obligations or meet a tight client deadline, we can help. If needed, we can organise a 24/7 delivery arrangement using a handover process to ensure that your business delivers even in such extreme situations.




Business Development (based on Data & Process Analysis)

Alignment of business and system direction can be crucial to your organisation’s success. If you feel misalignment or would like to improve or move into new markets, we can provide an extensive business in combination with system process assessment in context of your current and future strategic direction.





Often underestimated by stakeholders, design can deliver the value to your business that can differentiate you from the competition and open the eyes of customers to what your products and services cannot directly illustrate. Make those first impressions count by employing the science of communication design, which is ultimately based off human psychology. Build upon your company's intangible assets, while ensuring that your branding is aligned with your other core asset - your data.


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